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We helped turn the vision into reality by building a beautiful brand and engaging platform for members.

Quantum Box
Release Date:
March 2020
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About The Client

The Quantum Box is an effortless and modern meditation program that offers a simple guide to Quantum Mind Expansion (QME), a process of reprogramming the subconscious to gain better control over our inner self. Ketchup Labs took on this project to help create a brand identity fit for their target audience, and to build a beautiful web platform for members to engage with and manage their progress.

Project Outline
  • Business Model Audit
  • Startup Advisory
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Writing
  • Website Design & Development
  • Members Portal Design & Development
  • Site Hosting & Management

The Brand Identity

Like all our projects, the first step is getting as much information from the client as possible. We do this through a Brand Analysis and Review session of discussing the client’s vision, understanding their personality, and researching the customer audience to understand the market. Once we have a complete understanding, we create as many as 20 or more draft concepts, which are eventually revised, edited, and narrowed down to a final winning concept.

Telling the Story

When building the brand identity for Quantum Box, it was important for us to create something that could illustrate a complex story yet appear to be simple.

The Quantum Box has a long history dating back to the 1930’s when Albert Einstein’s friend and physicist Erwin Schrödinger conceived a hypothetical thought experiment. This experiment illustrates a paradox where a cat is technically in two quantum states simultaneously for a certain period of time based on one’s perception of its existence. This is called quantum superposition, and it is a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics.

Brand Identity Results

This idea behind the brand mark was a direct reference to Schrödinger’s experiment. Simply put, if you look at the final logo, you will notice three specific things:

  1. A “Q” for Quantum Theory
  2. A box to represent Shrodinger’s box
  3. The shape of a cat to represent the subject used in the experiment

See the old versus the new:

Old Brand vs New Brand

Restructuring, Redesigning, and Rebuilding the Website

The website for Quantum Box had to be more than just a simple website. The website itself was in fact the product, therefore every page and every element of the site had to serve a specific purpose of guiding visitors through the conversion process. This was severely lacking in the original website, and became a main focal point for our team as we took on the task of rebuilding the entire thing from the ground up. The results were nothing short of amazing.

Writing the Perfect Content 

Ketchup Labs was also tasked with assisting in content writing and crafting the perfect copy to effectively illustrate the purpose and the power of the QME meditation program. In order to do this properly, we worked directly with University physicists, experts in Quantum Theory, as well as the client, to carefully utilize the right language to craft a story that encompasses the science behind the programs while infusing human spirituality and personal growth. In short, we helped take something that sounds complex, and made it simple. 

Building a Master Class Member’s Experience

The member’s portal is basically a second website built behind the first website, but with so much more purpose and functionality. This is the area that members can access once they have subscribed to the service. When a member reaches behind the curtain, they are presented with an immersive master class experience with a library of programs and course modules. 

The Results

The Quantum Box was completely reinvented from its original brand “Xugen” with a fresh new identity, a mobile responsive and highly-optimized website to increase conversions, and an immersive membership portal built to give users the best possible QME experience.

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