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Hat Creek Construction
Release Date:
December 2020
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About The Client

Hat Creek Construction is an amazing company that has built strong roots in California by taking care of the cities and national parks with a service that is impossible to go unnoticed. Yet, they still struggled to get noticed by young and driven talent which are needed to keep their business growing. We joined forces with Hat Creek to help them rebuild their digital presence from the ground up, and to focus on telling the right story to captivate young professionals and show them how fruitful a career could be with our client.

Project Outline

  • Brand Analysis and Audit
  • Website Design & Development
  • Job Portal Integration
  • Site Hosting & Management

Telling the Right Story

Hat Creek has an incredible long standing business that has served all of Northern California by providing crucial services to maintaining parks and cities. Being a company in an old industry makes it difficult to attract new and young talent in a digital world where most strive to land jobs at tech companies. Our client has a lot to offer, and tons to be proud of with the work they do to keep our lands clean and organized, and so we wanted to tell the right story with their new website and really show off what makes them special. To do this, we put hours into reorganizing content, creating a better flow, and using the right language to appeal to a younger audience. 

Streamlining Job Applications

The old website had tons of broken links, and with a job application process that didn’t actually work, we had our hands full to revamp this process with a clean and simple UI/UX to show eager applicants that Hat Creek means business. 

The Results

Hat Creek now has a fresh new look that caters to young professionals looking to kick start their career at a company with plenty of room for growth. With a brand new job application process built into their website, they have been able to accept new applicants a hundred times faster and with ease. Scaling their business with expanding their team just got a whole lot easier.

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