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We had the honor and privilege of working with an exciting Los Angeles-based film and television production company by creating their brand identity and designing a beautiful landing page that does their work justice.

Dela Zquad
Release Date:
February 2020
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About the Client

Dela Zquad is a new film and television production company with a very special and impactful mission, to tell stories on subjects that are frequently misunderstood, and to help elevate minority talents to the spotlight in an artistic and truthful manner. They came to us to help them bring life to their brand and identity so that they could better tell their own story. We took on the project by doing what we do best: breaking it down into a simple process, being thorough with the client to understand the vision, and providing a finished product that goes above and beyond all expectations. 

Project Outline

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • Site Hosting & Management

Starting With the Brand Identity

The owners of Dela Zquad wanted to encapsulate their raw talent and creativity as much as possible in their new brand identity. Our goal was to create something that truly resonates with their vision and speaks to who they are as a company. To start this process, we went through a brand analysis review by answering questions with the client to better understand what they like and why. 

Once we gather ideas, screenshots, and comp sets, we can then start drafting multiple brand mockups. After around 20 drafts have been created, we simply put them into a shared document where everyone can comment and provide their feedback on which designs are best. Eventually, we narrowed it down to this beautiful, vibrant, and elegant design. Meet Dela Zquad.

Turning a Brand into a Website

Building the brand was just the beginning. Now we needed to make it really come to life with a website. As a media and entertainment company, it was important for us to design their website with focus on the video assets. Our lead designer for this project, James, did a stellar job of packing this website with creativity and artistic accents. As you scroll through the page, you get a fun and interactive experience all the way down to the contact form.

The Results

We gave Dela Zquad a website that speaks their language, expresses their creativity, and follows their vision. As you scroll through the page you will see it really come to life. The subtle animated accents really bring out the brand identity of Dela Zquad, especially as you scroll through the team bios. Chris and Urbana have a fascinating and personal story behind their business and partnership and we wanted to make sure that was emphasized.

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