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We have a 100% success rate in helping Founders build investor outreach strategies and navigate the fundraising process to secure investment capital to grow big and grow fast.

Fundraising Training Program

One on one fundraising training and preparation program

Professional Pitch Review

One on one live pitch review and feedback session

Angel Investor Database

Access our private database of over 20,000 angel investors

Fundraising Training Program

Fundraising can be an extremely stressful and daunting process, even for the most seasoned Founder with prior experience in securing capital. Through our experience we have developed our own standard procedures that are the foundation for startup fundraising, and we can show you how to do it. Over the span of about three to four weeks, we will break down everything you need to fundraise effectively and assist you in getting ready for your first pitch.

  • Initial Business Review
  • Fundraising Kit Prep
  • Pitch Deck Revisions
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Live Pitch Practice
  • Recap Session
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Professional Virtual Pitch Training

We’ve seen thousands of pitch decks and helped our clients win tons of pitch competitions. During a pitch review session, we have you pitch us live in one of the most common formats. You get five minutes to pitch, and then we have a question and answer period. This helps you understand what investors are looking for and what they might ask you. After our pitch review session, you will be much more prepared and confident for your next investor pitch.

  • 1:1 Training
  • Startup Pitch 101
  • Live Pitch Practice
  • Mock Q&A Session
  • Feedback & Review
  • Recap Session
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Angel Investor Database

Access our private database of over 20,000 angel investors from around the world. Our list is updated and cleaned annually to ensure quality data and maintain low bounce rates. Utilize our database to find investors that are right for you, and have a proper plan in place for your investor outreach strategy.

Database includes:

  • Angel Investor Name
  • Investor Description
  • Email Address
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Angel List Profile
  • Website URL
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